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Date: 19-01-2018

Simbolos Patrios


The Embassy of Ecuador in Canada is pleased to make available to the public its website, in order to contribute for the better knowledge of the country abroad, especially for the Canadian citizens.

One of the primary objectives is also facilitating the procedures and consular services which can be consulted on this Web site.

Ecuador and Canada have a long tradition of friendship and cooperation, inspired by values and shared principles, including the maintenance of peace, promoting democracy, respect for human rights, sustainable development with equity and social inclusion, protection of the environment, defense of the rule of law, which are fundamental pillars to ensure progress and achieve well-being for our peoples in a framework of freedom and security.

Canada is home to a large number of Ecuadorian citizens who, with their efforts, tenacity, dedication, and intelligence, are fully integrated and contribute to the prosperity of this country.

The Embassy cordially greets the Ecuadorian community in Canada and stresses the policy of the National Government to give priority to a warm and efficient service to fellow citizens abroad, as well as to the protection of their rights.

This page, launched officially in the month of May 2008, represents an important and modern tool to provide better services to the public, benefit national interests, and strengthen friendly relations with Canada.

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