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Date: 19-01-2018

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The first Canadian Ambassador appointed to Ecuador was Mr. Jean Morin, who presented his Letters of Credence on April 12, 1961. His presence elevated the rank of diplomatic relations kept between both countries; he was an ambassador with residence in Bogota, Colombia. Canada opened a Diplomatic Mission in Quito, which was later closed in 1969. Afterwards, Canada reopened the Embassy, although it was again closed in 1986. Therefore, the management of the affairs with Ecuador was taken up again by the Canadian Embassy with residence in Bogota.

The reopening of the Embassy of Canada in Quito occurred in 1989.

Likewise, Ecuador opened its Embassy in Ottawa in 1972 with Ambassador Armando Pesantes. It was closed for a short period in 1987 and then reopened in 1989.

(Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada)

Currently, the Ambassador of Canada to Ecuador is H. E. Pamela O´Donnell.

The Embassy of Canada, in coordination with the office of Immigration and Citizenship Canada, with residence in Bogota, processes immigration and citizen affairs. 

Former Ambassadors of Ecuador to Canada

-Mr. Armando Pesantes (1972)
-Mr. Cristóbal Montero Reese
-Mr. Alfonso Barrera Valverde (1989-1994)
-Mr. Alfredo Crespo (1994-1996)
-Mr. Manuel A. Pesantes (1996-2001)
-Mr. Alejandro Suárez Pasquel (2001-2006)
-Mr. Fernando Ribadeneira (2006-2008)
-Mr. Franklin Chávez (2008-2011)

-Mr. Andres Teran-Parral (2011-2014)
-Mr. Nicolas Trujillo-Newlin (2014-2017)

Current Ambassador

-Mr. Diego Stacey

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